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The Best Hard Water Filters for a Healthier Shower

Hard water may not be a serious health risk, but it can have serious impacts on the health and appearance of your skin and hair. Even if you aren’t ready to invest in a whole home water filter and softening system, you may want to install a shower filter. Of course, if you don’t know […]

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10 Best Water Distiller For Clean And Safe Water in 2019

Trying to get pure water can be a pain. Water from a faucet contains all types of chemicals and other contaminants and bottled water is expensive and also a lot of plastic waste. A water distiller will be able to solve these problems. That’s because distilling catches pure water vapor and condenses this back into water. […]

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Best Portable Water Filter to Purify Your Supply

Whether you’re a rugged backcountry outdoorsman, a casual birdwatcher, or just the outdoor enthusiast who enjoys setting up a tent every now and then, you’ve no doubt wondered how you can simplify your camping situation. From your food supply to your tent-rigging gear, there is no shortage of supplies that you need to take with you […]

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Best Whole Home Water Filtration Systems (2019 Reviews)

Safe clean water is a cornerstone of modern life. It’s critical for health and makes a huge difference in the life and growth of children. But, even in the most modern countries, clean reliable water isn’t always available.  Even where the water is reliably treated, the chemicals used to treat it can themselves be health hazards.  Whole-home […]

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The Best Water Dispensers for Home and Office Use (2019 Update)

Water dispensers are an important modern convenience at home and in most workplaces. Proper hydration, especially from plain water, is important for staying healthy. But a water dispenser needs to be convenient and easy to use to be effective. After all, the goal is to make it easier to stay hydrated. A dispenser that is difficult […]

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Best Countertop Water Filter 2019 – Top 5 Models Reviewed

Municipal water quality has come under intense scrutiny over the past few years. Stories have been reported from all corners of the United States about filthy or contaminated city water supplies. As concerns grow over aging municipal water systems and harmful minerals and chemicals that have reached unsafe levels, more and more Americans have looked to […]

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