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Best HVAC Multimeters For Maintenance – Top Brands of 2019

If you are familiar with any kind of electrical works, you should know about multimeters. It’s an essential piece of equipment for any technician, whether he/she is a pro or someone who is just starting out. One thing that matters the most when it comes to multimeters is quality. Cheap and unreliable multimeters will show biased […]

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The Best Air Purifiers for a Cleaner and Healthier Basement

If your basement smells a little funny, you are not the only one. A lot of house owners face similar situations. It’s not out of the ordinary for your basement to smell moldy. However, it’s really easy to get rid of the disgusting smell and allergens with a good quality air purifier for your basement.  We’ve […]

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The 10 Best Air Humidifiers If You Have Asthma

Let’s face it – if you have asthma, you have a lot on your plate. From remembering to bring your inhaler with you to knowing the signs of an asthma attack, dealing with asthma can be a serious pain. You shouldn’t have to deal with any more stress in your life, which is why we hope […]

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The 10 Best Air Purifiers for Your Baby’s Nursery

As an expectant parent, you’ve likely spent countless hours wondering how you can provide an environment for your baby that will allow him or her to thrive. From baby blankets to diapers, you’ve probably scoured the internet in search of the best products for your baby’s health. When you’re searching for the best products, it’s important […]

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Squaring Up the Best Benchtop Jointers for 2019

For anyone interested in doing DIY trim carpentry around the home or building small items such as shelves, benches, tables and so forth, a jointer is a near necessity nowadays. The simple reason for this is the prevalence of low-quality dimensional lumber that is cut from small, young trees and then kiln dried. It is […]

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Best Portable Workbench in 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

There are many DIY-types who have no shop workbench and need to find the best workbench to serve their occasional needs in the garage, home, or yard. Even handymen who have fully-equipped workshops often have the need for a good portable workbench to transport and set up on location or simply use as a cutting […]

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The Best Angle Grinders – 2019 Hands-On Review

A good angle grinder is a basic necessity in any shop. If nothing else, you will need it to sharpen a number of other tools as well as mower blades. If you are doing any metal work at all that includes rust removal, painting, and/or welding, there is no option – you must have a […]

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